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Date: July 27, 2019
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Saturday, July 27, 2019
Registration - 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Start Time - 6:00 pm

Event Coordinator:
Jared Hill
(816) 365-1725

Event Promoter:
Missouri Mud Madness
Shawn Yelton

(573) 933-1200

Missouri Mud Madness Class Rules

1. Open Super Modified - Any tire size, style, or configuration are allowed. Tires may be cut and tube chassis are allowed. Rail engine and drivetrain may be relocated. All vehicles running nitrous, alcohol, or methanol must have a helmet, fire suits, and fire extinguisher. No tractor tires.

2. Outlaw - Must have safely built four point roll cage to the frame, minimum, and a fire extinguisher within driver’s reach. Must have steel cab, driver’s compartment with firewall between driver and engine, stock thickness or thicker. Fiberglass bodies ok. No one piece lightweight race bodies. Must resemble a production vehicle. OEM frame or rectangle tube frame 2”x3” minimum, must be safely built. May have a back half type frame as long as materials match materials that the frame are made from or may be heavier than factory. No round tube or lightweight frames. Any safely constructed suspension. Any type of tire allowed, no chains, studs or tracks. Any type of fuel, after market injection & any SINGLE power adder such as nitrous or blowers or turbo or super chargers allowed. Exhaust must exit away from spectators and officials. Fire suit highly recommended. Must have 2 drive shaft loops, 1 in front and 1 in back. Must have transmission shield or blanket. Balancer within 5” of front axel.

3. Pro Stock - Tires must be DOT approved, 44” or less in diameter, and may be cut. Driver must be shielded from the drive train, coolant lines, and fuel lines. Glass may be removed. Engine swaps, aluminum heads, and blocks are acceptable. No blowers, superchargers, turbos, or tube frames allowed. Drivers running nitrous, alcohol, and methanol must have a helmet. fire suit, and fire extinguisher. No back halfs allowed.

4. Super Stock Class - Tires must be DOT approved 40’ or less. Axle and engine swaps are allowed. Harmonic balancer must be over front axle. May be notched for distributor. Valve covers, open headers, lift kits, gutted beds are allowed. No blowers, superchargers or turbos allowed. All vehicles must retain factory appearance. No 3 links, 4 links, bird cages, nitrous, dual carbs, or aluminum blocks allowed. Must have stock OEM frame and 5 point harness. Big block or small block. No aftermarket transfer case.

5. Outlaw Hot Stock - Vehicle will retain full body with full glass, no gutting. Fenders may be trimmed for tire clearance. Factory firewall and notching for distributor clearance are allowed. Driver must sit in stock location. Factory dash and interior panels must be present. Must have factory OEM frame. Engine and radiator must be in stock location. Tires must be 38.5” DOT unmodified. OEM transfer case. No trans brakes allowed. Ladder bars allowed but no 3-link or 4-link allowed. Factory style suspension is required. No aluminum heads. 4 engine mods allowed such as aftermarket carb, intake manifold, headers, ignition box, etc. Open headers allowed. Race fuel allowed but no alcohol, E-85 or nitrous oxide, aftermarket fuel injection, multiple carbs, turbos, or superchargers allowed. Battery may be relocated. No mini trucks.

6. Women’s Super Stock Class - Same as Class 4

7. Hot Stock Class - Tires must be DOT uncut tires and 38.5” or under. Must have factory windshield, lights, bumpers, wheel base, and must match wheel opening. Dash may be altered for cage clearance must have dash, but have firewall notched for distributor and valve covers, but have fire wall. Must have OEM 3 leaf springs per corner, OEM frame unmodified, radiator, battery all in stock location. No 3 link or 4 link, bird cages, sliders, coil overs, or trans brake allowed. Must have a helmet and a 5 point harness. No nitrous, alcohol, blowers, but drive shaft loops are optional. Must have full exhaust with mufflers past transfer case. Chevy trucks have chevy engines, ford to ford, dodge to dodge etc. 3 leaf spring minimal on each corner must have steel bodies. No gutting or mini trucks allowed.

8. Youth Class - Same as Class 4

9. Stock Class - No engine swaps or aftermarket boxes. Full exhaust must have muffler, bumpers, front and rear, DOT tires 35 and under, and must be street legal. If a cam is heard the truck will not be allowed in the class. Must be able to be licensed and insured but doesn’t have to be licensed and insured. No nitrous, alcohol, or racing fuel. Will allow 2 modifications; headers will full exhaust and an aluminum intake, but no aftermarket ignition. No alcohol or methanol. Battery must be in stock location.

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