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Platte County Fair Days Amateur Talent Contest

 For the 17th year, Fair patrons will again be able to enjoy the talents of area performers or show their talents during the Fair Days Talent Contest.

Adult Division- Thursday 8:30 PM at the Platte Pavilion

 Prize Money
Awarded to overall contest winners
1st Place - $75.00
2nd Place - $50.00
3rd Place - $25.00
Plus Ribbons!

Ribbons shall be awarded to the top five performers in each category.

Adult Division Talent Contest Rules

1)       Contestants

a)       All entrants in the adult division must be 16 years or older

b)         All entrants should arrive at the Platte Pavilion by no later than 8:00 P.M. to register, verify pre-registration, and to discuss staging  requirements.

2)       Categories of competition

a)       Vocal Music

b)       Instrumental Music

c)       Movement and Dance

d)       Interpretive Reading

3)       Performers will be limited to a maximum of eight minutes per presentation.

4)       No entry fee will be charged to perform in the talent contest; Fair Grounds admission shall be refunded, after performance.

5)       Payment of any fees for rights of performance or royalties is exclusively the responsibility of the performer; verification of such payment should be available.

6)       Accompanists and instrumentation

a)       Vocal and dance contestants must provide  their own accompaniment / instruments, except that an electronic keyboard will be available for use.

b)       Use of pre-recorded tapes and/or compact discs

i)         Vocal and Dance contestants may use accompaniment on tape or CD; both cassette tape deck and CD player will be available through the house sound  system, stage monitors will be provided.

ii)       Vocal entrants may have background vocals on tapes/CDís, but any entrant using material that contains lead vocal  tracts will be disqualified. 

7)       Costumes are NOT required for competition, though they may be worn.  All costumes should be tastefully chosen and appropriate to the selection performed.

8)       Selections

a)       Interpretive readings should be from literature of good quality, and the script must be available for viewing by the judges or other Fair official upon request.  Selections may come from poetry, prose, or drama, should be in good taste and have a brief introduction telling the title and author.  Performances may be memorized or from a script.

b)       Music selections can be of any style (country, rock, jazz, etc.), should be in good taste and given an introduction that gives the title and composer.

c)       Movement/Dance numbers should reflect good taste, and suit the abilities of the performer.  Selection should be given a brief introduction, which provides the style of dance and title of the music.

9)       Judging

a)       At least three judges will be used at all times, maintaining an odd number at all times.

b)       Contestants will be judged according to Selection, Stage presence, Performance ability, Creativity, and Delivery.  

10)    Registration

a)       Pre-registration is not required, but is encouraged, as only the first 15 entries will be accepted (due to time constraints).

b)       Contestants may pre-register by sending entry forms to;
 Howard  A. Prost, 301 N. Shore Drive, Lake Waukomis, MO 64151

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