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Patty Farr Punisher Award

$250 punisher for each class.

Patty Farr has decided this year she would focus her sponsorship towards the top aggressive drivers in the Demolition Derby.  Open to any driver in any class with "Patty Farr" displayed on car.  So drivers show your support, put on a show and you may be rewarded.  She is offering over $1K per night of prize money.

Rookie / Youth heat (pure stock class) - Designed for younger drivers to get some driving time experience.
All rookie / youth entries will be allowed to advance on to the regular pure stock race for chance at more money and Patty Farr punisher.


If you know of anyone or any business that would be interested in sponsoring any part of the demolition derby or any other event at the Platte County Fair please contact the Fair Board or the Demo Derby Officials.

2014 Platte County Fair Demolition Derby Rule Notes:

2012 Pure Stock class rules.




Minor Waiver Form
Demo Pictures

If you have any questions or for more information Please Contact :
Troy Jones
(816) 891-6731


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