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The Platte County Fair is a privately held, not-for-profit organization. It consists of 100 stockholders including 15 board members with 5 officers that are elected annually by the stockholders, all of whom are non-paid volunteers.  The fair has been an annual event in our community since the first fair in 1863. It is recorded as being the oldest continuously operating fair west of the Mississippi River. The fair draws participants and spectators from a 100-mile radius, and in some cases even further. 

The longevity and future existence of this event is not based on a tax burden to the local citizens of Platte County, the state of Missouri or the Federal Government. This organization receives NO financial support or funding from any governmental body. The fair is entirely supported by revenue generated at the event through gate receipts, concessions and sponsorship.

It is the goal of the Platte County Fair Board to continually improve the fair in an effort to the demands of our rapidly growing and changing community. 

We welcome your input. This is your opportunity to play a part in our future improvement!  Feel free to either mail us your comments. 


The Platte County Fair Association

How to Reach Us

P.O. Box 109
Platte City, MO 64079
(816) 431-FAIR
Email Address:

Concessions and Vendors
Dr. Carl Myers
(816) 858-2200

Fair Grounds and Building Rentals
Jack Swindler
(816) 858-2715

No Camping, campers, RV's, busses allowed on fair grounds.


Judy Davis

Vice President

Gary Fleming Sr

Mildred Knighton
Corresponding Secretary
Dana Houx
Joni McCosh
Board Members
Rob Baber
Ray Bogart

Jesse Cox

Jon Bremer

Jimmy Thacher

Rick Hill

Joel Kelley

Troy Jones

Howard Prost

Charles Knighton
Carl Myers

Scoot Foster

 Steve Baber

Gary Fleming Jr.

Jack Swindler

Jason Hill


Alternate Members

Dave Clark
,   Mark Newby,    Jay Fisher
Kenneth & Juanita Farr
Larry & Janet Leachman
William & Kathy Holt Wright
Lowell Fox
William Perry Brown
Howard A. Prost
Ben, David & Monty Kay Clark
Charles & Mildred Knighton
Bill & Jody Knighton
Steven & Charles Knighton
Cory and Lori Rush
Melvin Grame
Tanner Charles Martin DeHaven
Michelle Davis DeHaven
Rick & Cindy Hill
Shawn Houx
Eric Mosier
John W. Coots, Jr.
Marlene & Rick Cline

Dannie and Daniel Stamper

William A. Brown
Bill Campbell

Bety Elgin, Gayle Pulem, Bonnie Taubel

Bradley Babcock

Robert Baber

Wayne & Laurie Lewis

Jo Karen Brown

Ronald E. Estes

Wm. Dick Fickle Jr.

Brian Carl Myers

Judith Turner Davis

Gary Graham Brown
Jacob Best
Ray Bogart

John  A. Dillingham

Duane Soper

Dana D. Houx

Janet & Larry Leachman
Joel W. Kelley
Paul Regan, II
Janice Myers
Nancy Layton
Keith Myers
J.L. Giffee
Herbert, Steven & Roger Perry
Donald Wilson
Gary D. Witt
Sarah Trumble Davis & Meghan Trumble Davis
 Beth Taulbee, Frank Thurman
Katie Marie Myers
Stanley P. Palmer
John Dylan McCosh & Taylor Lane Houx
Judy Hill
Joel McCosh
Jay Fisher
Daryl & Judy Grame, Stacy Grame
Gary Fleming
Clint Rhoads & Stacie Blake
Kenneth Nash Brown
Susan Link
Aaron Jung
Andrea Marie Jones
Tom & Chris Farr
Jerry S. Cox
Troy A. Jones
John & Amie Bremer, Madison, Morgan
Mark H. Newby
Rodney & Julie Doody
Skip Foster, Scarlet & Deanne Trave
Mariah F. Best
D A Witt
Spencer Fisher
Paul Ferrel Renz
Cindy, Jason, Justin & Jared Hill
Pete & Donna Edlin
Tom Grame, Tom Grame Jr, Lori Rhodes, Kathy Cosby
Andy & Anne Jones
Donna Sue Grame, Janel & Jeff Zion

Woody & Jane Grutzmacher

Taylor Houx & Dylan McCosh
Kent Pine
Dianne Williamson
Lee Stubbs
Joni McCosh
Gary & Gerri Waller
Thomas Scoot Foster
Katherine Nicole Richardson
Bill Estes
John "Butch" Davis Jesse & Ashley Cox

Jimmy Thacher

Jason, Justin & Jared Hill
Carl M. Myers
Steven J. Baber
Wilburn & Kathy Brubeck
Ralph & Mary Edna Shackelford &
 Gary Michael Fleming
Jack & Mary Swindler
Jeff S. Cox
Rita Rhoads, Jeri Spores & Amy Ross
Nora, Brad & Caroline Foster

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