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Saturday           1:00pm       Platte Purchase

If you have any questions or for more information

Please Contact:
                        Janet Leachman    
(816) 858-5657
27 Pine View Rd , Platte City , MO. 64079  

Showcase Rules:

1)      Participants

a.       Must be under 16 years of age, January 1,

b.       Must be pre-registered by Saturday     @10:00pm

c.       Only the first 25 participants will be allowed to perform.

d.       Must arrive by 2:30 to check in.

2)      Categories of talent

a.       Vocal Music

b.       Instrumental Music

c.       Movement and Dance

d.       Interpretive reading

e.       Other

3)      Participants will be limited to one five minute performance.

4)      No entry fee will be charged other than fair grounds admission.

5)      Payment of any fees for rights of performance or royalties are exclusively the responsibility of the performer; verification of such payment should be available.

6)      Performance should be in good taste and appropriate for general audiences.  If not, the performance will be terminated immediately.

7)      Accompanists and instrumentals

a.       Vocal and dance contestants must provide their own accompanists and instruments

b.       Vocalists and dancers may have their own accompaniment recorded on a cassette tape or CD; a cassette or CD player will be available for use by participants

c.       Background vocals may be on vocalist tapes

d.       Instrumentalists must provide their own instruments.

e.       A piano will be available for use.

8)      Costumes are not required.  All costumes worn should be tastefully chosen and appropriate to the selection performed.

9)      Recognition will be given to all participants.

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