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Platte Purchase

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Enjoy food, entertainment and all around fun in the The Platte Purchase building.

Overflow Cafe

Our menu is varied with Krautburgers; cheese krautburgers; hamburgers; cheeseburgers; hot dogs; baked potatoes; nachos; fritos pie; chips; baked beans; frozen candy bars; and our specialty Dillstickle (dill pickle on a stick). Stop by to see us and enjoy some food and drink in the cool comfort of air conditioning. This building is a great place for families to spend time and take a bathroom break.

When the Overflow Café began Cindy Hill was the chair. Mildred Knighton helped. We found that it takes about 65 people to staff the café for 4 days of the fair. Cindy left us to attend to family matters and now Larry Leachman, Nancy Layton and Mildred Knighton gather the food together for the event. In staffing the kitchen we call on volunteers and usually have no problem getting help.. Many volunteers work more than one shift. Some of the many who have helped us over the past years are: John,Karen and Craig Higgins; Carolyn and John Green; Larry and Janet Leachman; the Grame Family; Roger, Jean, Steve and Raylene Perry; Sheri and Peggy Reineke; Bill and Kathy Wright; Kathy Roberts; Karen Foster; Lona Fowler, Charlotte Buckler; Stephanie Fisher; Jody Knighton; Gayle Pulem; Pam Vierling; Lori Mathews; Tad Brubeck; Connie Cox; Janet Regan; Debbie Fisher, Donald and Robbie Wilson, Eric Lad Mosier ; Beth and MaKenzie Hoskins; Terry Durand and the list continues. I’m told that this year we will have two new cooks joining us sometime during the fair that being Kenneth Brown and Aaron Jung. If anyone would like to volunteer, please give any one of us a call and we’ll be happy to have you. It’s work but we have a lot of fun doing it.

The Platte Purchase Sponsorship

The FAIR BOARD would like to THANK YOU for your help with the cost of construction and additions to the Platte Purchase. Please take the time to read some of the bricks on front porch of the Platte Purchase. The people who's names are engraved on bricks became a part of Platte County Fair History by becoming a sponsor of the Platte Purchase.
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